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tv   9 News Now at 6am  CBS  August 25, 2010 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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manassas and at cross junction from steve in the chat room. 80 for the drive home, with a slim chance of a shower. good wednesday morning, everybody. taking a wide view outside across the area. check it out, no major incidents or accidents to report at this time. let's move it outside and show you things starting to fill out a bit as we take a live look at the outer loop between university and georgia avenue. checking on route four, branch avenue also crane highway, it refeels all of our roadways out here remain incident and accident-free, just your typical volume to build around this time. the beltway in virginia also looking good from the wilson bridge up towards that american legion and finally let's wrap it up with 66 eastbound where i'm watching slow goes start to build between 55 and nutley, no incidents along the way. at the top of the hour, here's a look at some of the stories happening today.
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the website wikileaks says it will release cia documents today. the site released documents in afghanistan earlier this month. westbound interstate 66 will be closed tonight between the dulles toll road and the beltway. that's because of work on the silver line. the closure will go from midnight to 5:00 a.m. and it's back to school today for more districts in our region. in maryland, garrett and st. mary's counties open and in virginia it's clark, culpeper, frederick counties along with winchester. also today education leaders in the district in maryland will decide what they're going to do with massive federal grant. kristin fisher is live in northeast washington with more on the race to the top competition. i know they're excited about the money, kristen. >> reporter: that's right, andrea they are. first with the bad news, virginia actually got knocked out in the first round of this nationwide contest. they will not be getting any of
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this grant money. but this is a huge and somewhat surprising win for both the d.c. and maryland public schools. >> niles the head of el haines charter school got the good news yesterday in name to share it with students. >> the good news d.c. has won the big grant called race to the stop! >> reporter: the reform proposal she helped author has earned the district $75 million in president obama's race to the top grant competition. that's one-tenth of d.c.'s entire public school budget. and niles says students will feel the effects almost immediately. >> we already have a team that's ready to implement what they put in that proposal. so we're already ready to hit the ground running. >> reporter: delaware and tennessee were the first states to receive race to the top funding, ten more winners were announced yesterday including d.c. and maryland which was awarded 250 million. >> rewarding states willing to take bold new steps to change the way we educate our
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children. >> reporter: now d.c. and maryland must use the funds to turnaround low performing schools, recruit and reward top teachers and track student performance: now keep in mind this is an election year and here in d.c. we're in the middle of a very heated primary battle for d.c. mayor. the incumbent mayor adrian fenty is claiming this grant money as a big win for his administration. we will hear from adrian fenty at 6:30. thank you very much. we're waiting for officials to release the name of a 17-year-old fairfax high school student killed while helping a neighbor trim branches from a tree. fire officials belief the branch he was cutting touched the wire at the top of the poll yesterday. and that wire carries about 19,000-volts of electricity. officials hope the mishap is a reminder you should take extra caution when working around power lines. virginia's attorney general says government holiday
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displays can include religious symbols. republican adds you will other believes must be allowed to display symbols as well. his family comes in an advisory opinion requested by robert marshall. it follows controversy inula den last year, a christmas display in the courthouse came down because of concerns. you can read the attorney general's entire opinion at, go to our virginia news page. amtrak and marc expect things to be backup to speed this morning, but that wasn't the case for commuters and travelers tuesday. a power problem hit just about 24 hours ago. it stranded thousands of people either on trains or at stations up and down the east coast between here and new york. five marc trains were stranded on the rails. >> the train came to a dead stop probably just south of aberdeen and we sat there for about 19 minutes with the train was just
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dead. >> amtrak blames low voltage on its lines powering trains. it forced the agency to turn off power for about 75 minutes. at five after the hour, it's time for another living smart report. jessica doyle has found a way around those airline baggage fees, especially since we said more of us will fly during labor day. >> your new bff want to pay for your baggage fees, those would be certain hotel chains. our partners at usa today report that some hotel companies are offering to pay for the checked baggage fee charged by some u.s. airlines in order to boost their own business. at kimpton hotels, guests can show the baggage fee, to get $25 back. intercontinental hotel group including holiday inn, you can get reimbursed up to $50 per party per stay. that's promotions are aimed at spurring weekend and leisure business. there is good news and bad news about the housing market. the good news the national
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association of realtors says that in washington home prices were up about 4% in june. that's the fourth best showing in the country. at the same time though across the country home sales proved to be weaker than expected last month. sales of previously owned homes fell by 27% to the lowest level since 1995. bacon lovers you may want to sit down for this. the price of your favorite breakfast meat is through the roof. bacon prices are up more than 200% from a year ago. retail prices up nearly 16% over the past few months now costing $4.21 a pound in july. among the reasons, pork supplies are down and the hot summer has caused pigs to eat less and farmers to take longer to fatten them up. who knew heat was an appetite suppressant for pigs? not for humans. >> you were talking about what goes better with eggs than bacon, here we are with the cost of eggs going up over the last two weeks.
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you've been telling us about salmonella and the egg recall. well now, industry experts say egg prices are up 40% since august 13th. the costs could go up unless demand drops. some grocers report sales have dropped since the recall began. it is seven after the hour, after a decade at the helm, montgomery school superintendent is leaving. dr. jerry weast will leave after this school year. in three minutes a report card on his tenure in office. right now howard begins our focus on maryland's weather and traffic. what's the grade? >> the gradeed to its going to be about a b. we'll not be perfect, but pretty good by the end of the day. >> generally cloudy with breaks up north. we start again with temperatures in the 60s and 50s in the mountains. a little fog in garrett county. as we go toward the noon hour, partly cloudy to mostly cloudy still. 75 annapolis, 77 in camp spring, pushing 80 or so in frederick. this afternoon more sunshine, notice that.
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so by 4:00 we're in the low to possibly mid-80s in one or two spots. looks like a fine finish to a little cloudy start. angie. maryland, the focus on your roads right now, begin live with the east-west highway where it meets georgia avenue. right now all clear out here. switching our shot to 355 and shady grove, also finding a nice and quiet commute as well. and finally we are flying over 50 headed westbound as we take you to our real time graphics making your way from the bay bridge towards bouie and beyond towards washington we are moving at speed. 6:08. hope you're off to a great day. we'll be right back. 4h
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at 6:10 we're following breaking news out of northwest washington. this is a live look at 16th  street at oak street. you can see the police activity. d.c. police have found four cars and three mopeds which were burned some time overnight. authorities are investigating what caused the fires and whether it could be the work of an arsonist. sixteenth street is closed in both directions. school begins monday in montgomery county and it will be the last school year for superintendent dr. jerry weast. he announced tuesday he will leave when his contract expires in june. scott broom has this report card on weast's tenure in the county. >> reporter: superintendent jerry weast looks back on what will be 12 years in montgomery county with pride. >> what i'm most proud of is our people. >> reporter: highlights of
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weast's montgomery score card creed like this: a graduation rate of 83%, first among the nation's largest school districts on the other end 90% of kindergarteners hitting reading goals regardless of race and the highest ever sat scores for college bound students. record numbers of fifth and eighth graders performing higher level math and record o amounts of scholarships awarded to students with an increasing population of students who don't speak english or are in poverty. >> with all of that, and going through nine, 11, 21 days of sniper, anthrax, two of the biggest snow storms that ever hit the county, electricity going off, we've still raised scores. >> vocal critics say it cost more. >> i think special education is in crisis right now. >> running for school board, complains special education services have left many behind and elizabeth enders is among
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parent watch dogs who relentlessly documented weast's spending, millions on travel, public relations and marketing. they criticize him for seeking grants to pay administrations to write a curriculum with an education consultant. the for profit firm bought the rights from the county to market the curriculum in a nod by contract. when the focus becomes more about selling the nps brand and less focus on the kids i think something gets lost. >> not unexpectedly weast leaves with a mixed report card, it's a report card he has no problem defending. in rockville, scott broom, 9news now. coming up on 6:13 this wednesday morning. here's what's in the news now. former president jimmy carter is in north korea this morning. this is file video of the former president. mr. carter and his wife are there trying to gain freedom for an imprisoned american.
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more than 200 firefighters are trying to get the upper hand on this wild fire in california. smoke can be seen across the san francisco bay area. and shirley sherrod will not go back to the department of agriculture, but she hopes to help the agency with its minority outreach program. sherrod left her job amid a racially charged controversy, one in which she was thoroughly vindicated. time for howard again with the forecast as we're inching closer to the weekend. more kids going back to school and what are they wearing? where is the school bus stop forecast? >> it's coming up. you might need a light wrap in a few spots, a little cool out there down in the low 60s, even 50s in the mountains. this morning i want to show are you rain has been falling, not too afar away from us. go to the weather computer, green to the south and southwest. heavy rains toward lynchburg and roanoke, light showers in our southern sections. live doppler 9000hd you can see
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along 95 spotsylvania through thornburg south toward richmond, this area is having a tough time holding together as it slowly ten, 15 miles per hour moves to the east here. should be east of 95 in another 20 or 30 minutes or so. and that's about it right now. looking at today at a glance, we start mostly cloudy. temperatures by 9:00 only around 770, 71 upper 70s by noon, for the drive home, 80. slight chance we could see a shower pop up. notice more sun this afternoon. we've got clouds and 67. bus stop forecast, comfortable, mostly cloudy, slight chance of a shower south. 58 to even 71 at the bus stop. sun coming up in 17 minutes at 6:31. becoming partly sunny this afternoon if not mostly sunny for a few people. stray shower, 80 to 85 with northwest winds, 10 miles per hour. that's a dry breeze for us. partly cloudy, comfortable. tonight we're in the 60s.
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low to mid-60s with a northwest wind at four to five. 7:39 for your sunset. upper 60s in fairfax, 65 great falls, 64 gaithersburg and 65 in columbia in howard county. while 65 from college park. brand new crafton 63, leesburg 66 there. 67 at national. winds north, northwest at seven. relative humidity 79%. nationally there is a big front. all is quiet out west. the southeast, look at the rain across parts of florida from the north and even to the south and the carolina coast. people vacation on the outer banks more showers around there thanks to that area of low pressure. for us with this persistent northeast, easterly flow, coastal flood advisories are up until noon. that's northwest as this storm system pull ace way from us. we'll bring in dryer air. even though dryer air, there is a slight chance of a shower
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late this afternoon toward the shenandoah valley. one or two will pop in the evening, that's it. we will quiet out. front comes through tomorrow. doesn't have a lot to work with. our rain chances really after that front passes stay rather low through early next week, if not longer. the seven-day forecast, you have temperatures on the way up. today into the low 80s, yesterday 75, slit chance of a shower. mid 80s tomorrow. slightly cooler friday. here comes heat over the weekend, 90 sunday. monday in the mid-90s, tuesday above 90 degrees. 6:16, angie has traffic issues. we have a big traffic alert for you in northwest d.c. that's how we kicked things off, howard with a live shot courtesy our 9news now crew. this is the situation out on 16th and oak. this is actually you can look a little further and that is where the street is closed. sixteenth street is closed between park road and spring
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place. this is going in both directions. the turn gate version is that they found multiple vehicles burned out. i'm going to just guess they are going to be investigating this throughout the morning rush hour. so currently 16th street, you can't access it both ways between park road and spring place. let's move it over to inbound new york avenue. taking a live look from sky nine. watching this back up on route 50. this is east of new york avenue, trying to get to bladensburg road. it looks like just volume adding to this back up here. no incidents, no accidents along the way. our next stop will move us over to the outer loop in maryland, we're watching that delay build between university and georgia avenue. virginia's 395 also stacking up a little past duke street making your way toward seminary and crossing that 14th street bridge. before all this on 95 headed northbound, it looks like you're a slow go, if we can switch the camera over, between prince william parkway and route one wood bridge and then you'll be slow again approaching back
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lake from newing ton. that's the traffic, back to you. our time is 6:18. the county executive of anne arundel county maryland is facing a sexual harassment suit. the suit claims republican john leopold created a toxic environment for female staffers. carla robinson is seeking half a million dollars in damages. she says the harassment began during a job interview three years ago. robinson tells our sister station, wjz, leopold grabbed her arms and yelled at her. >> when he grabbed me out of anger, it was emotionally devastating. i mean, it was -- it was frightening. >> leopold's attorney calls the suit groundless and will try to have it dismissed. he's been accused of harassment in the past. other female staffers have refuted those allegations. it appears a previously unclassified species of microbe is helping crews clean up the mess in the gulf of mexico.
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our partners at usa today report the microbes are eating away at the plume. scientists say the tiny creatures are turning the toxic mixture into nontoxic microbes. the discovery could mean that nature is able to cleanup oil spills on it's own more quickly than initially thought. it is 6:19. ahead in sports find out if the nationals ninth inning reallily was enough to beat the cubs. the redskins make a decision on donovan mcnabb for friday's preseason game. we have the latest in just three minutes. we'll be right back. i do the cooking, the shopping, shuttling the kids around. i pay the bills, and i want to know i'm getting the best bang for my buck.
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good morning, everyone. on one hand donovan mcnabb needs the rest, this is a new team with a new offense and new receivers with whom he is trying to develop chemistry. these games don't count. why would you risk your most
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valuable player in a game like that? donovan mcnabb is ruled out of friday's preseason game with the jets with the ankle injury he suffered with the ravens. his foot was not in a boot yesterday but heavily taped. mike shanahan says it's not a catastrophic injury but not a hangnail either. >> there is nothing you can do about it. somebody sprains an ankle they sprain an ankle. it's quite sore. i don't think i could go off for his regular season game. he has to rehab it and hopefully get it better. >> mike sellers will miss the game fridays nurses a sore knee and malcolm kelly, as ever, ruled out with that hamstring. if you are a nats fan, there also in sports the nats and cubs tangled last night at national park. chicago drove in all five runs on a pair of homers. nats trailed 5-4 after four innings. washington mounted a ninth inning rally. adam kennedy hit a bases loaded
6:24 am
double to drive in three runs. the nats fall short losing to the cubs five to four. our time is 6:24. still to come on 9news now, another look at which school district will ring their first bell of the year today. and finding answers from this summer's power outage debacle, what pepco's president has to say now. police activity taking away a right lane for drivers. more early morning tie ups to avoid. clouds greeting many of us as we start your wednesday. i'll let you know how long they'll stick around. 9news now will return after this.
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hi! welcome to come on in, and i'll give you a free quote. quote and compare in about 8 minutes. now, that's progressive. call or click today. at 6:28 a parachute stunt that didn't go as planned. two members of the army's golden knights were going for a landing in arlington, texas one sky diver you see him got caught up by a flag pole at the top of the stadium. he was able to unhook himself and made it to the ground safely. thank you for starting your day with us, i'm andrea roane. meteorologist howard bernstein is on our weather terrace with the forecast. is it going to be a good one. it will ash pretty good one. starting off cloudy.
6:29 am
spotsylvania, a shower and points south there. later on we will see sunshine. we will finish stronger than we start. you can see heavy rains across southwestern virginia, southern virginia and northern north carolina and breaks up north. you have sunshine more toward the maryland, pennsylvania border. temperature wise low to mid-60s in most areas. 67 in washington, catholic cross junction 61, and culpeper. more sun this afternoon, can't rule out a stray shower and i know it stays mostly sunny. i'm looking upstairs, we have mostly cloudy, overcast skies in northwest. thank you, howard. listen up everybody, traffic alert in northwest d.c. here at 16th street between oak and spring place. the roadway is closed going both directions and you can see why. we just have a bunch of police vehicles out here investigating a situation involving multiple burned cars found and my take
6:30 am
on this it's probably going to last throughout the morning rush. sixteenth street is impassable between oak and spring place going both directions. live to sky 9 we take you to route 50 toward inbound new york avenue. man, what a headache, stacking up. we had lingering construction, late picking it up. as a result we're reduced to run lane squeezing by to the left. i'm going to say an extra 15 minutes or so to make it toward bladensburg road. the sussa bridge, the police activity has cleared out of the way, good news there, finally. and 270, no incidents, but you are below speed from germantown road toward montrose, plus five minutes for that. andrea, over to you. thank you, just shy of 6:31. it's back to school for thousands of students and parents today. here's a look at who will be taking the bus and sitting behind a desk this morning. in virginia, clark, culpeper and frederick counties go back to school along with winchester.
6:31 am
in maryland it's garrett and st. mary's counties. in garrett county the school day ends three hours early. federal money is coming to schools in maryland and the district, it's part of the obama's administration's race to the top program. kristin fisher is live in northeast washington to tell us what this means. >> reporter: good morning. this is a huge nationwide contest funded by last year's stimulus money. 35 states, plus the district of columbia entered this challenge to shake up the status quo of public education. now delaware and tennessee, those were the first states to receive this race to the top funding, but just yesterday it was announced that ten more winners, including d.c. and maryland were going to get this grant money as well. d.c. was awarded 75 million. that is one-tenth district's entire annual public school
6:32 am
budget. maryland got 250 million. this money is going to go help implement school reforms in four key areas, turning around low performing schools, adopting college and career ready standards, recruiting and rewarding top teachers and tracking student achievement. now, beyond the classroom, this grant could become a big player in this primary battle for d.c. mayor between the incumbent adrian fenty and d.c. council chair vincent gray. mayor fenty made a personal pitch to the race to the top judges for this money and he won. now he is calling this a major victory for his administration. >> this is an affirmation not that we have finished the job or that we've arrived at some final point, merely, but very, very substantively that we are headed in the right direction, that we are doing the type of reform that people all over this country and city expect from elected leaders. >> reporter: mayor fenty sounding very much like a politician running for reelection. his opponent d.c. chairman
6:33 am
vincent gray released a statement about those grants to the washington post it reads: it is reassuring to know that the federal government recognizes the reforms the city put in place in 2007. so andrea, watch out for this issue to become a pretty major issue in this ongoing primary battle. >> we see the campaign ads soon i bet you, thank you. the past month has been pretty tough for pepco, the company is facing public scrutiny for how it handled a rash of widespread outages, downed power lines and exploding transformers. pepco's president appeared on 9news now at 7:00 last night addressing the issues which led to a hearing before the maryland public service commission. he says there will soon be a new plan to increase pepco's reliability during bad weather. >> it's a six-point plan. by the end of this week, we're going to roll out more details and talk about exactly which communities we're going to be working with through the end of
6:34 am
this year. >> the plan will focus on montgomery first. most of the outages from the recent summer stores were in that county. this morning, a commuter alert, a heads up for late night and early morning drivers in virginia. for the next two nights, westbound interstate 66 will be closed at the dulles toll road for ongoing silver line work. the closure will go from midnight tonight through 5:00 tomorrow morning and again tomorrow night. follow the signs for the detour. it is time for another living smart report. jessica doyle is back with news and problems involving the jeep cherokee. >> that's right, andrea. federal safety officials have launched an investigation into the jeep grand cherokee. there are reports that problems with the gas tanks on more than 3 million of these jeep could cause fuel leaks and fires in some crashes. the investigation involves suvs from the 2003 to 2000 --
6:35 am
rather 1993 to 2004 model years. the action is the first step in determining whether a recall is needed. the advocacy group center for auto safe tie alleges that the placement of the grand cherokee's plastic fuel tank below the rear bumper allows for tank ruptures, fuel spills and tank detachment during rear end collisions and rollovers. chrysler is cooperating. at&t is hosting a job fair in arlington to fill 100 jobs in the washington area for retail and sales management positions, many at the new at&t wireless store in the pentagon city mall. candidates can apply 10:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. at the double tree hotel in crystal city. the owner of the financially troubled washington times is reportedly reached an agreement to keep the newspaper open. the paper's executive editor says a preliminary agreement will sell the washington times to a company affiliated with the unification church. the paper was founded by the head of that church.
6:36 am
his son owns it now. lately the washington times has struggled to stay afloat, cutting roughly 40% of its staff this year. there are reports that actually the reverend moon wants to buy the paper back from his son. looks like this is a family dispute breaking o. >> i know you'll keep us updated on this. >> thank you. a big mess from a big mistake in alexandria. a few oil delivery man tried to fill up the wrong house. instead of the right delivery, he pumped 325 gallons of heating oil into the wrong home on colonial way. a woman living inside that home got out safely. all but 10 gallons went down the basement drain. the company involved griffith energy services called in environmental crews to clean up the mess. it is 6:36. ahead reaction from a tea party blogger about his visitor's guide that roughing feathers. plus campaign 2010, in seven minutes results from the latest primaries. now it's time for virginia's
6:37 am
weather and traffic. let's start with howard. pretty good shape in virginia, doppler 9000hd, rain near 95 and east of it, bowling green, this is moving east at 20 miles per hour. this is the only rain locally that we have, but port royal, and hold together it will be another 30, 45 minutes. the weather computer, telling you what to expect the rest of the day, in the 60s with partly cloudy to mostly cloudy skies. we'll stay mostly cloudy this morning, as we approach the noon hour, a little more sunshine will start to peak out as temperatures in the 70s. this afternoon 80 to 85 out there with more sunshine and a slight chance of a shower. all eyes on virginia right now. and your road conditions outside. here's your live look at nutley near 29 and fair tax where we remain problem free getting to the beltway. leesburg pike and route 7 where it meets international drive, no major issues this way. flying high over the dulles
6:38 am
toll road past the airport, hundreder mills, tyson's corner, expect to see a little volume picking up around the toll plaza. it's 6:38. we'll be right back. stay with us. mcdonald's bacon and cheese angus third pounder.
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it is 6:42. we go to the top of charts. the top album downloads on i tunes. imeme is number one. god willing and the creeks don't rise by lady an at the bell almost is number three. and how we turn to campaign 2010 with three months to go before election day, some races are becoming clear. voters in five states decided the winners in some hotly contested primaries. sandra endo has the results from florida to alaska. >> reporter: familiar arizona face is once again voters' choice winning the gop senate
6:43 am
primary. the four term senator john mccain had to fight hard and spend big to secure a victory. >> we all know this election isn't over. we have more than two more months of hard campaigning ahead of us. and i'm sure we'll face a spirited challenge from the democratic party's nominee. >> reporter: mccain spent $20 million to defeat former congressman jd heyworth in a primary challenge. in florida two wealthy contenders doug deep. millionaire rick scott spent $50 million of his own money since april. >> thank everybody from the bottom of my heart. thank you very much. >> reporter: the political newcomer beat out florida state attorney general bill mccollum in the republican primary race for governor. money wasn't the obstacle for senate candidate kendrick meek. he bet jeff greene he will face two in november. >> i want to thank every
6:44 am
floridian that cast a ballot in this primary election to make me the democratic nominee and eventually the next senator of the state of florida. >> reporter: and in alaska, incumbent lisa murkuksky is trailing joe miller. miller won the endorse. of former governor sarah palin and tea party activists. >> now, the big push is onto ward november, where the balance of power in congress is up for grabs. and we say good morning to erica hill in new york. she has a preview of the early show. good morning, area. >> andrea, good morning. today we are hearing a little bit from elin-a lot of folks thought when the divorce was finalized we wouldn't hear from her at all. she's a very private person. she is speaking for the first time. you'll be interested to hear what she has to say about all of this. >> there is new hope this morning for millions of americans suffering from heartburn. a new study possibly offering you some quick relief.
6:45 am
although you may have to give up spicier foods. if you're in the market for a new vehicle, you are in good luck, consumer correspondent is back with us, everything we need to know before setting foot in the dealership. arrive armed and well informed. all of that ahead on the early show. thank you, we'll be watching the early show begins in 15 minutes. right now howard is here with your forecast. it's a decent forecast. if you like the heat, you haven't been happy yesterday when we hit 75. by the end of the weekend early next week, sum certificate not over. meteorological is not over, and astronomical summer still ahead. on the satellite radar combined a few showers well to the south, southwest of the d.c. metro. however toward fredericksburg and points south we're picking up action. live doppler 9000hd. i'll show you the activity crossing for the most part 75
6:46 am
east of 95, up around spotsylvania thornburg, you see it moving to the east, port royal. it this may be another 30, 40 minutes away. and if it survives, 'cause it has been weakening, even southern maryland here maybe by 8:00 or so you might get in on some of this. looking at the forecast for today at a glance, clouds around this morning, maybe more peaks of sun north near pennsylvania. this afternoon expecting peaks of sunshine, partly sunny, mostly sunny in a few spots. as temperatures get above 80, drive home about 80, code green air quality, and 70. your moments like me bus stop forecast, we'll be using this now until june, comfortable this morning, 58 to 71, slight chance of a shower south. sun came up at 6:31. this afternoon partly sunny. stray shower can't be ruled out late this afternoon early this evening.
6:47 am
highs near 80. with enough sunshine 85 is attainable under a northwest wind at 10 miles per hour. tonight partly cloudy, comfortable again. we'll be back down in the 607s with northwest winds on the light side, 5 miles per hour. upper 60s in pax river and fredericksburg 68. we're at 67 in town, but 64 hagerstown, winchester. 61 from cross junction and culpeper. so it is kind of comfortable. and 55 with fog in oakland. 67 as i said at national with a north, northwest wind at seven. reporting mostly sunny, that's what they did but overcast in northwest at this hour. the wide picture showing the big upper low. the heart of it to our south and southwest otherwise we'd have heavy rain that's falling in lynchburg. surface lows in the atlantic. behind them high pressure builds in, while we have a slight chance of a shower late this afternoon and evening, there it goes, looks like the next front tomorrow comes through with not a lot of moisture, except for perhaps a few showers in the
6:48 am
mountains. seven-day forecast, warm to the mid 80 on thursday, back to the low 80s friday. heat, 90 by sunday. monday a high again almost 95 degrees, 94. angie? thank you, howard. we begin with our big traffic alert of this wednesday morning. it comes to us live courtesy of 9news now, kevin king in northwest d.c. this is 16th street, the road that is currently closed between oak and spring place due to this police investigation involving these things right here. yes, several weeks that were recently discovered that were in some way orometer burned out or burned. and so they are going to be on the scene for some time, we are going to estimate throughout the morning rush hour. once again, reiterate, 16th street northwest is closed in both directions between oak and spring place. let's move it over to inbound new york avenue where we have construction causing problems for those of you who use route 50 trying to get
6:49 am
towards the bladensburg road area. lingering construction has it condensed to run lane of traffic, costing another ten to 15 minutes for that commute. overall you're okay right now approaching that third street tunnel. on the outer loop in maryland from 95 to georgia avenue, clearly we are below speed just volume. eastbound travelers on 66 headed towards the beltway, looks like you're slowing between 50 and nutley, plus ten minutes for that. andrea over to. >> speaker 1: thank you. our time is 6:49. a quarter million people are expected this weekend for a conservative tea party rally downtown. and a blogs travel guide to d.c. is roughing local feathers. the tea partyers, is run by bruce majors, a long time district resident. the post has restaurant and hotel recommendations, it also tells visitors not to ride the green or yellow metro lines because of safety concerns and mentions some of d.c. immigrant
6:50 am
communities. liberal bloggers are offended by the post, majors doesn't get it. >> i'm trying to give them the advice would i give my mother if she came to d.c. and was going to wander d.c. while i was at work. why are you going to tell people from out of town that they can go wander any way they want to at night without a local person with them? majors added media outlets picked up the story from a blogger in maine who reposted his guide. majors thinks the guide coming from outside the area made a better story. and we want you to decide what you think about this blog, head to and look under 9news extras. we have a link to the blog's posting so you can read for yourself. in sports, nationals will try tonight to avoid a sweep by the cubs. chicago drove runs on a pair of home runs. nats lose 5-4. the orioles took on the other chicago team last night in the windy city. the white sox gordon beckham hit a three run home run-in the
6:51 am
seventh. baltimore losses as well 7-5. it is 6:51. 67 degrees in northwest washington. a northern virginia teenager is electrocuted and killed. in three minutes, what he did that led to his death. we'll be back. kç1
6:52 am
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it is 6:54 on this wednesday morning. here's what's in the news now. a 17-year-old boy is dead electrocuted tuesday in fairfax, virginia. he was trimming tree branches when he touched a high voltage line. his name has not been released. the navy will outline steps it can take to clean up the chesapeake. the navy secretary and epa add straight letter meet with maryland's governor in annapolis. the naval academy may be involved. the original kermit the frog puppet will be donated to the smithsonian today. jim henson created the puppet in the 1950s.
6:55 am
his widow will donate ten other characters to the museum. we have clouds around today, even a shower far south. we'll see sunshine this afternoon. that will push temperatures above 80 degrees. a slim chance for a shower later this afternoon. angie will have another look at traffic and i'll have your seven-day forecast when we return. óó
6:56 am
>> so, ah, your seat good? got the mirrors all adjusted? you can see everything ok? just stay off the freeways, all right? i don't want you going out on those yet. and leave your phone in your purse, i don't want you texting. >> daddy... ok! ok, here you go. be careful. >> thanks dad. >> and call me--but not while you're driving. we knew this day was coming. that's why we bought a subaru.
6:57 am
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i get to sleep faster, stay asleep and wake refreshed. melt to sleep fast. unisom sleep melts. well, welcome back at 6:55. some local children are designing a playground of their dreams. children living in the people's co-op housing complex is teaming up with kraft foods to design the playground. this is one of a dozen playgrounds going up around the country. the construction will begin next month, angie. okay. that sounds great.
6:59 am
this not so great, the big traffic alert in northwest d.c., 16th street, here's your live shot remains closed between oak and spring place in both directions because of an ongoing police investigation involving several burned out cars. 495 in maryland, sky nine on the outer loop, stacked from 95 to georgia. getting word on the bp parkway, a truck spilled paint, be careful. an isolated shower toward bowling green in virginia and east of 95 now. we may see a sprinkle with a little sun this afternoon, 82. 86 tomorrow, 83 friday, the weekend warms up with 90 by sunday. as for wall street, we are looking lower. >> the early show is next, recap of the primaries and details on the interview of tiger's ex, the first since their divorce. the next newscast at at noon. have a great day. we'll see you at 4:25.


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